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Retail & E-commerce Case Study

3x – 26.42x ROAS achieved, 7x increase in high-quality social media followers, 223% increase in online sales within 3mos, tripled 5-figure revenue

BakersBoxMe, An E-commerce Case Study - UpTheBuzz Media
  • Objective

    Increase online visibility, search ranking, website traffic, revenue and manage their social media. We started work for this e-commerce client beginning of June 2020.

  • Campaigns

    Rebuilt and optimized website, implemented e-commerce analytics tracking, SEO and Full Funnel Facebook Ad Campaign.

  • Ads Spend


  • ROAS

    3x to 26.42x

  • Campaign Results

    PPC (Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads) - achieved between 3x up to 26.42x ROAS

    Store Sales - tripled the 5-figure monthly revenue coming from online sales from $6,186.79 to $21,904.7 within 3 months.

    Social Media Management - Instagram followers increased from 300 to 2,309, & Facebook followers increased to 14,000+

    E-commerce SEO - Ranked #1 in the whole UAE on many competitive keywords within the industry, page visitors increased dramatically in less than 1 month and revenue boost greater than last year

    Website Optimization - Website Page load speed changed from 21.2s to 3s

$106.63 => $2,814.20
26.42x ROAS
Timeframe: 5 days, July 15 - 20, 2020

$1,148 => $6,357
5.54x ROAS
145 Online Purchases
Timeframe: August 1 - 31, 2020

$2,290 => $7,923
3.46x ROAS
161 Online Purchases
Timeframe: September 1 - 30, 2020

Facebook Ads were scaled and slowed down due to sold-out stock for two months consecutively. The owner didn’t expect her retail store to run out of major products since running the business for 8 years.

$3,545 => $17,099
4.82x ROAS
400+ Online Purchases
Timeframe: July 1, 2020 to Sept 30, 2020

The figures above are just on this campaign alone. The owner also reported an increase of in-store foot traffic and new customers.

$8,522 => $30,174
223% Total Sales increase
Ecommerce Store Sales

revenue review 3months

SEO: Ranked Top 1 and 2 on highly competitive keywords

Our media buyers are also SEO specialist aside from media buying. We optimized the eCommerce store for search engine and in just 1 month, we saw a spike of visitors and placing the client on top 1 and 2 on the first page of Google.

Website Optimization: 21.2s to 3.1s Page Load Speed

Before Optimization

After Optimization

Industry Certifications

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