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Maximize ROAS, avoid wasting your ads budget on campaigns that don't perform.

Save money, time and effort with marketing strategies that make ACTUAL MONEY not just "white noise"

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Attention: Retail & Ecommerce Business Owners

These probably sound familiar to you:

You've tried paid ads however it's not effective at all in getting you results but rather effective in burning your hard-earned money...

So you've been running ads for awhile doing Facebook or Google...

But to only to get a few website purchases or 5-10 leads for your service-based business that don't even break-even the amount you spent on it...

Having a hard time finding & attracting the right people who would pay for your products/services...

Have you created something amazing, but you don't know HOW to get your dream customers to find you?

Hoping that IF you create the best product or service, people will come flocking...

And then you WAIT for your dream customers to come
But unfortunately, they never "just" come...

You thought interest targeting is more than enough and surprise, surprise...8,5,2 to 0 conversions

You thought that by just targeting on interest is more than enough to get you the A-game with your ads but then no one's clicking your ads...

Frequency just kept on increasing, cost per acquisition goes through the roof and worse, no conversions at all with the audience you created..

You've hired an agency or freelance marketer to run your ads who happily spent your money just for testing...

You've had an agency or a freelancer run your ads but only to say goodbye to your hard-earned money...

While You get burned with empty promises and digital marketing that gives no results due to lack of ACTUAL experience...

You have problems or scared of SCALING

Finally, you think you found the winning campaign but as you start scaling up the budget, your costs drastically blow out...


You're feeling scared to scale due to uncertainty, wondering how long that very rare good return on your ads will last...

Same old boring ads that everyone just scroll past

Have you ever come across an ad on your newsfeed but you just scroll past it because the headline isn't striking, the ad copy is just awfully boring?

Sadly, your ads and social media content is in the same mess right now...

What could be going wrong?

You've created an amazing product or service but you don't know how to GET the right customers who are more than happy to give their money to you, find you..

You've spent a fortune and time to create a stunning website, but you're getting only some traffic (or customers) to come to you..

You've tried your luck on paid advertising but the FEAR of the next Google or Facebook slap, shutting down or even banning your account, like so many other business owners have experienced...


The paid ads you're running are underperforming...

With you wrapping your head around on what ad content to make next that you're hoping would effectively convert your audience to paying customers...

These are the things that's been keeping you up at night...

Wondering if you've built your company on a solid foundation or if this business is still worth your TIME and money...

So... you might be wondering what the solution is and why am I telling you this?

I've worked from experience, not to mention I'm industry-certified. See what others say about me and my case studies below...

The easiest and fastest way to increase your marketing budget is to use your competitor's.

$106.63 => $2,814.20
26.42x ROAS
Timeframe: 5 days, July 15 - 20, 2020

$1,148 => $6,357
5.54x ROAS
145 Online Purchases
Timeframe: August 1 - 31, 2020

$2,290 => $7,923
3.46x ROAS
161 Online Purchases
Timeframe: September 1 - 30, 2020

Facebook Ads were scaled and slowed down due to sold-out stock for two months consecutively. The owner didn’t expect her retail store to run out of major products since running the business for 8 years.

$3,545 => $17,099
4.82x ROAS
400+ Online Purchases
Timeframe: July 1, 2020 to Sept 30, 2020

The figures above are just on this campaign alone. The owner also reported an increase of in-store foot traffic and new customers.

$8,522 => $30,174
223% Total Sales increase
Ecommerce Store Sales

revenue review 3months

I can't achieve success without my Partners

Lead Generation Case Study - High Ticket Product

197 Leads generated, 49,995 people reached, 1,525% ROAS, $17,940 Extra Revenue

Lead Generation Case Study
  • Objective

    Get High-Quality Leads that would watch a 90-min webinar and convert to affiliates of a high-ticket multinational company. Each lead value is between $2,000 up to $7,000

  • Campaigns

    We implemented different lead generation campaigns with varying ad creatives and a Back-end Follow-up Funnel 30-Day Sequence.

    To further boost the Facebook Ads algorithm, social media posting is set to 3x to 5x a day with the intention of converting leads who watched the workshop.

  • Ads Spend


  • ROAS


  • Campaign Results

    49,995 people reached, 197 Qualified Leads, Conversions that produced a Revenue of $17,940, Accumulated prospects pending to convert which will be additional revenue in the future

195 Leads => $4.55 Cost per Lead
Webinar + High-Ticket Consumer Product
Timeframe: October 1 - 31, 2019

lead generation case study

103 Leads => $6.08 Cost per Lead
High-Ticket Product
Timeframe: December 1 - 31, 2019

lead generation case study

87 Leads => $6.05 Cost per Lead
High-Ticket Product
Timeframe: January 1 - 31, 2020

lead generation case study

110 Leads => $5.91 Cost per Lead
High-Ticket Product
Timeframe: February 1 - 29, 2020

lead generation case study


PPC Campaign Over-all Result for an E-commerce client

case study


“Dessa went above and beyond implementing our Marketing Strategies. We’ve seen great improvement in our web and foot traffic within a month of implementation which translated to sales increase. 

She’s passionate, knowledgeable, ambitious, and always striving to get better. She’s easy to work with and professional. Highly recommended especially to business owners who don’t have the time to manage their digital marketing. The money invested is really worth it.”

"Dessa is a hard-worker and a consummate businesswoman. Highly recommended."


My Highly Effective, Proven from Experience Strategies
Could Help You...

attract the right audience

Being directly connected with your ideal customers within your geographical location

avoid burning money on ads

Avoid burning money on Ads that don’t spell RETURN

increase revenue

Increase revenue to allow business expansion not earning just enough to cover expenses

time freedom

Have more freedom & time to spend with your loved ones and have an amazing lifestyle at the same time

Finally fix your scaling issues on your ads, ONCE AND FOR ALL 

Focus more on scaling your business rather than wrap your head around on what ads to run next praying it will convert 

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Worked with Dessa, having sought advice and got instant quality leads! Fantastic to work with, very knowledgeable – Highly recommend!

Cho Ling | Architect & Online Business Coach

I'm glad to be working with Dessa, she's result driven and easy to deal with! I would definitely recommend her!
Chai Manlangit
Affiliate Business Owner
I love working with Dessa. She's passionate on what she does and very professional. She was able to deliver great results in just a short span of time. Highly recommended!
Jenny Tristan
Business Coach | Owner of Cusina de Pedro
Dessa is very helpful and approchable. 5-stars for her!
Grezhel Fugrad
Owner of Artsy Filo
The team's lovely to work with! Highly recommend.
Brigita Litte
Affiliate Marketer


I don’t do locked in contracts because I get results for clients ASAP

No Worries OR Risk… My Services Come With A

Refund Guarantee if ROAS is less than 2x!



My media buying journey started 2.5 years ago as an affiliate marketer where I advertised products and services for a multinational company partner through lead generation strategies and content marketing across social media platforms.

Aside from this, I also started by helping startups mostly from the MLM/networking industry, so you can imagine how hard it was to advertise for them. I’ve been through it all, getting banned, business managers restricted, ad accounts disabled, personal accounts and profile deactivated etc, in the entire years I was doing media buying and having experienced it all, I also know how to get past these issues.

Furthermore, I was also a former affiliate marketer myself, so before I even started doing media buying for other people, I, myself was my first case study. I spent an average of more than $1K-$2K every month on advertising my own networking business and after getting successful results through lots of testing on my own, I decided to take it further and get more knowledge by doing formal studies such as taking a master’s degree in digital marketing and spend on heaps of courses. After successfully scaling my very first eCommerce client by doubling their 5-digit revenue (which is still my client until now) I started offering my services to businesses. 

Having found my passion for digital marketing and after achieveing consistent results, I left my secure full time job in the healthcare industry as a healthcare professional, and instead became a full-fledge media buyer dedicating full-time in helping fellow business owners grow their businesses.

I have 7 years of overall background in sales, telecoms, internet marketing and customer service. Having worked as an internet marketing specialist also handling UK, USA and AU accounts.

Digital Marketing by Dessa Ragudo

Industry Certifications

Creative Media Agency - UpTheBuzz Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure? Here are some answers to common questions.

First I was my own case study - tried and tested my media buying strategies and only started providing service once I was able to get solid results, replicate it and guarantee to that to clients.

In a rare case that my strategies didn't work for you, I have a guarantee in place.

Our campaigns take about 7 days to build out. Once the campaigns are built and approved, we can go live.

Yes, I have in-house graphic designers who are involved in creating the ad creatives such as banners and videos.

Though I'll ask for media resources that can't be reproduced such as product photos and user-generated contents (UGC).

Whilst I've always produced results, running ppc campaigns is just one aspect of your marketing strategy.

I strongly and have always advised my clients to have every aspect of digital marketing setup and reinforced such as proper email marketing, enticing landing pages, and solid social media marketing & management for higher overall success rate. 

Definitely! We recommend that you just add us to your Facebook Business Manager or any ads manager account. That way you’ll always have access to the accounts.

Absolutely. We'll have client reviews or meetings weekly and an end-of-month where we go through before and after campaign performance. You will also get before and after reports. 

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