Webinar & Coaching Case Study

170 Leads generated, 164,287 people reached, 14.31% ROAS, $13,600 Extra Revenue

facebook advertising case study
  • Objective

    Increase engagement, social proof and lead generation on a promotional campaign post to boost more conversions for a coaching business.

    Get as many high-quality leads who'd pay for a $160 informational product.

  • Campaigns

    2 campaigns with 30+ Video Ads and varying creatives, back-end follow-up funnel sequence for 30 days. 

  • Ads Spend


  • ROAS


  • Campaign Results

    164,287 people reached that resulted in 170 Qualified Leads and Conversions closed which produced a Revenue of $13,600

Industry Certifications

Creative Media Agency - UpTheBuzz Media